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Frequently Asked Questions...

What happened to the Antivoodoo site?It's corpse is still located at Jacefuse.Com but the need for the site somewhat died along with Glide.
Can I write for your site?This is a spare-time kind of site. A hobby. In fact, hosting the site comes out of our own pockets (with a TINY bit of help from the banner ads, but not much). If you're still interested in writing for us, the quick answer is "Yes". Please. E-mail any of us and let us know what you have to offer. If you're anything but a complete fucking idiot, you have a pretty good chance of gaining post access.
Is the Overclocking the Sound Blaster Live article real?It's a real joke. If you fell for it, you're not alone. Over a year later, e-mail still trickles in asking us for more specific information. In fact, Jazzer has a bit to say about it here.
Why didn't you review my favorite game?Why don't you send it to us? We can't review everything, only things we feel really need to be spoken against (or for) honestly.
Something really big happened, why didn't you guys report it in your news?Define big? E3? Maybe a new first person shooter was released? In case you hadn't noticed, we're not a mainstream gaming site. Yes, occassionally we like to insult mainstream gaming. What fun would we have if we didn't get to lay into the big-shots? But we're not your exclusive source for the latest and greatest happenings. We don't pretend to be. If the news you're looking for isn't here, it probably wasn't funny.
Why are you so far behind schedule with your plans for the site?TAGOR is a constantly evolving process, but since it went online it's only moved forward. We may fall silent for a few days at a time, but we still add new content fairly frequently. I should also point out that Noxious creates nearly all of our graphics, and I write nearly all of the Perl/CGI used on this site. That's just more work for us and less time to work on other types of content.
Can I write for your site?If you are cynical enough, maybe. E-mail us an example of your writing style. We're busy with other things so a few good writers are always welcomed. But remember, we don't really make money off of this site, so don't e-mail us asking for a "job".
Why are you guys so hard on game publishers?Why are good games so hard to find? Publishers publish anything, normally crap. We feel it's only fair we call it how we see it.
What's the cute blonde's name?Chloe. The red-head is Zoe, and the brunette is Poly.
May I have Chloe's e-mail address?No, we're sorry, that just isn't possible.
Do you know where I can find w4r3z or r0mz?Go fuck yourself.
Greenline.  Redlines are better.

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