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November 4th, 2007Top
It's November... (10:41pm)
The end of the year is just around the corner and so is Hellmonth! Rest assured that the Tagor crew is not DEAD! In fact, we're more alive now than ever. We won't make any promises about future versions of this site, but there is one thing I can say. A new version IS coming.

So, uhm, yeah.

- Jace of Fuse!

October 31st, 2007Top
Happy Halloween! (2:59pm)
Ah, the time of year has arrived where we get sugar rushes and belly aches all at the same time. Something from Oktoberfest should wash that down nicely.

- Noxious?

October 28th, 2007Top
Hellgate: Your Ad Here! (8:49am)
There has been a bit of complaining about the in game advertising in Hellgate: London. For those of you who haven't seen it, in the subway tunnels that make up the town there are signs on the walls. They advertise things like nVidia, Dark Horse Comics, and other video games. My only complaint? More T&A would improve it. Maybe some ads for Nuts Magazine or Zoo Weekly, since it is London.

- Noxious?

October 19th, 2007Top
Vista Killed the Video Star (9:59pm)
In the beginning Windows sucked. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either paid by Microsoft, or a fucking moron. Today we have Windows Vista, the OS that spends more CPU power monitoring you than doing what it is told. But, hey it plays HDDVDs and Bluray! Right? HDSheep are also fucking morons. That includes anyone whose ever needed an HDMI cable, but I digress. It seems the two main wackos that run TAGOR are moving away from Windows. Fuse just got his first Mac, and he hasn't stopped babbling yet. He'll soon be writing a book on it, Love and the Single Mouse Button. Since I'm a cheap bastard, I'm booting a lot more into Linux, currently liking Ubuntu a lot and running Cedega and Wine. So, just know you don't have to be herded over to Vista, you can sheep in other direction too.

- Noxious?

Hellgate: Demo (9:41pm)
Once upon a time everything was normal in London... Then demons invaded and killed everyone, except for players and NPCs, without which you wouldn't have a video game. Well, seems there is a demo out now for Hellgate: London which I dugg at digg, uploaded screenshots to Pownce, and mentioned at twitter, but failed to mention here. So now I'm mentioning it. You can download the demo from FileFront and begin your assault on demons as well. Now... When does the Multiplayer demo come out?

- Noxious?

September 28th, 2007Top
Top 25 gaming news site online in September of 2007... (9:44pm)
There's a list up at eBizMBA listing the top 25 gaming news sites online.

Tagor is not on the list.

Nor will we be in September of 2008.

- Jace of Fuse!

September 21st, 2007Top
Rights to be Topless (9:35am)
It's about time some women wised up about this and decided to protest. Too bad the women in the U.S. aren't this smart. Thought they wanted equality?

- Noxious?

September 5th, 2007Top
Metroid Prime Corruption (My impressions) (5:01pm)
Somehow or another I failed to acquire Metroid Prime 3: Corruption on it's release date. Still, I managed to pick up one of the last few copies a couple of days later and have been spending some time thoroughly impressed.

Unlike the previous two Metroid Prime games, I didn't have to give myself time to get used to the controls before I could concentrate on the game. Metroid Prime 3 just makes sense. Using it for only a few minutes and you'll find yourself wondering why this hasn't been done until now.

There's a lot to like about this game, from the innovative controls to the polished feel that comes from being the third in a highly successful series. All of the favorite elements are there, with a bit of refinement.

There's a stronger emphasis on fighting, and the new controls make that a welcomed change. There's still plenty of exploration, but this time the tedium of having to back-track through miles of corridors just to open a door you saw the first time through but couldn't open because you didn't have the right beam has been reduced to make the game less monotonous. It's still a core trait of the Metroid series, and it's still present, but a little more thought has been put into making your journey seem like it has a purpose rather than feeling like it was designed just to fuck with you and make you feel lost 90% of the time.

In all, I'm really enjoying the game. The new features are boosting this game right up to my top pick for best Metroid game since Super Metroid.

This one easily beats out Echos, and just beats out Prime. I can't wait to finish this one.

- Jace of Fuse!

August 26th, 2007Top
Bioshock and BS... (6:54pm)
Bioshock installs unwanted software when it is installed on a system without asking the user. It does so in a fashion that is hidden and difficult to remove. Rootkit or not, it's bullshit and I refuse to buy it.

- Jace of Fuse!

August 20th, 2007Top
Game Fuel... (7:25pm)
I just tried that Halo 3 themed Mountain Dew called Game Fuel. It tastes weak compared to Code Red and has a funny aftertaste. Me No Like.

So, uhm, yeah.

- Jace of Fuse!

August 3rd, 2007Top
WoW: Wrath of Kahn (2:49pm)
The new World of Warcraft expansion has been revealed and it is... Wrath of The Lich King. Where the new hero class is Star Fleet Captain and your power is to yell KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHN! Or something like that. This has nothing to do with Fallout 3 or Diablo III, so go back to your daily scheduled wondering if you can beta test Hellgate: London.

- Noxious?

July 11th, 2007Top
The test of time... (8:30pm)
Web 2.0.

What is it?

Why is it important?

Over the next negative 200 or so days I plan to retroactively unexplore this question and begin doing something I was hardwired from birth to do: Screw up a good thing.

I shall begin the actual planning process of Tagor 4.0.

All six of the long term Tagor fans (including Noxious and myself) remember Tagor's more exciting origin as TAVGR, it's transformation into Tagor (probably much to Noxious's annoyance), and it's twice over facelift since then.

The rest of you (once again, Nox and I included) have long since awaited our transition from Vanilla HTML, SSI, CGI/Perl, and Angry Immature Rants into Web 2.0 style, community driven, CSS designed, Ajax Powered World Domination.

Keep waiting.

As I sit here drunk I am thinking to myself that I have let too much time go by. Noxious? and I might both be slackers in regards to the next version of Tagor, but I fully accept the blame since he cannot design the graphics for the site if I don't design the back end and the layout.

On that note, expect absolutely nothing to change. With some luck, we'll be surprising you sometime before the end of time (though most probably not at all after).

Stay tuned.

(Or don't.)

- Jace of Fuse!

July 1st, 2007Top
Rabid is fairly noxious... (7:36pm)
I have to admit I get mildly obsessive with games, so as an up front warning I have to say this is going to be about Fallout 3. Pretty much the folks over at Destructoid have a preview.

In other news Fuse! has an iPhone. You can read all about it on his MySpace page. I'd link it, but I don't do MySpace.

Have a good weekend and enjoy a beer.

- Noxious?

June 5th, 2007Top
Hell, It's about time. (7:38pm)
Well, today the Fallout 3 teaser appeared to tease. And that it did. If you like being teased take a look. It also looks like I have to wait until Fall 2008.

- Noxious?

May 24th, 2007Top
Star something... (7:46am)
I think I saw some news about some new game announced by Blizzard... It wasn't Diablo III, so can't see where it matters much. Well, back to playing Supreme Commander.

- Noxious?

May 23rd, 2007Top
Move! (1:11pm)
In one of the multitude of posts having little or nothing to do with videogames, and possibly anything else, this is yet another. Tagor has found a new home on another server, the old one is in its death throws. Other than that Fuse and I are positively ignoring the fact that we’re still not really working on the new site. If you see anything is broke send me an email.

- Noxious?

May 3rd, 2007Top
King Slacker! (3:19am)
Wow. Nothing since last year. That is slacking off to new heights there. Fuse and I have both been guilty of playing WoW, even though he really doesn't like it. As of late I've also been playing Dungeon Runners, which is very reminiscent of the first Diablo in its play style. I've found it entertaining, and I like the mockery and sarcasm in the game. Fuse has played it some as well, and doesn't like it.

But what I'm here to talk about right this second is Fallout 3. Oh yes. Pause, whimper, drool. Here, I'll say it again. Fallout 3. Oooh, that feels so good! I might need to smoke after that. And check out No Mutants Allowed for more steamy good stuff.

- King Slacker Noxious?

[This post was edited by Noxious?]

December 23rd, 2006Top
That Time of the Year (7:06am)
Welcome to yet another Hellmonth. Let me go on record as saying, this is not how you end a year, I mean after all the chaos of this month it's no wonder the next holiday is used as an excuse to drink heavily. Luckily for us here at TAGOR, the philosophy of drinking heavy for it's own sake is always in effect. As some of you may note it is the 23rd of December, which I claimed as a holiday many years ago. I named this holiday Technomas. To properly celebrate this holiday you have to appease the Gods of Technology by either purchasing a piece of technology or destroying one. For me, it's easier to destroy it, but this year... I need some more space on my computer so a new hard drive is on order. I might break some things later, anyways... Happy Technomas, Wintervale, and Crimbo to all.

- Noxious?

December 10th, 2006Top
Games Rant, December (2:44pm)
First off, let me say that Zelda: TP is probably the best Zelda since Ocarina of Time (OoT). For those who haven't played OoT, it's inarguably one of the best two Zelda games ever.

Most people consider A Link to the Past (LtP) and OoT the best two Zelda games every, with most people giving at least a nod to the original that started it all.

TP, as every glowing review will tell you, returns back to the OoT formula, doing away with the minor things that turned many people away from Wind Waker. (For the record, WW is still an amazing game, but the problem is that OoT was so perfect, WW had too much to live up to...)

TP, is, therefor, what most Zelda games have always been. A classic retelling of a Legend. As with all legends, it just grows and becomes more in depth with each telling. If you have a Wii and do not have TP, what is wrong with you? If you don't have a Wii, but have a Gamecube sitting about, pick up TP for the GC. It's essentially the same game but it doesn't have the WiiMote, but that probably won't matter. It's an awesome game on it's own, and the lack of a Wiimote won't make it any less awesome.

Moving on to other games I've been playing, Gears of War is one of those games that I'm not quite sure what to think. On the one hand it is by far one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen (by beautiful of course, I mean graphics engine wise.) This is of course if we define beauty as a "Doom 3 Inspired, wasteland, rubble, gore, and twisted metal" kind of thing.

It's Epic, so naturally you already have to write the game off as sub-par in many respects, but make no mistake about it, one respect that it isn't sub-par in is the graphics department. This game is syrup sweet eye candy. Unfortunately like all warm, steamy, sugar coated ass-loafs, it isn't without it's flaws.

For starters, the game is super cliche'. Even my casual-gamer friend Short Circuit couldn't help but notice the immediate feeling of being a Halo 2 ripoff. It of course isn't exactly, since the differences are obvious to anyone who has seriously played either, but to an outside observer there resemblence is more than just minor.

Next, the less than traditional control scheme makes this one that a seasoned FPS player will take a few moments to adjust to. My personal jury is still out on wether I think the deviation from tried and true control mechanics is an improvement or not, but my initial instincts were a resounding no. A few hours with the game has warmed me up to it, but let me put things in perspective for certain people.

Metroid Prime was an absolutely brilliant game. It's not so much a first person shooter, as much as it is a first person adventure. Keeping that in mind, I rank it far superior in almost all respects to typical first person shooters. It's actually not a mindless piece of shit, in other words. The one area that I can mostly agree with the unenlightened idiots that play games, is that the control scheme in Metroid Prime was slightly flawed. It had too steep of a learning curve, and either you were a Gamer-God who could cope and overcome, or you were a flea-bitten dog unworthy of it's greatness. That is, if you thought Metroid Prime sucked, it's because you as a gamer, suck. Entirely. Without question nor chance of redemption. If you argued against this fact, you were in fact reaffirming the truth to those who were "In The Know." In much the same way a Final Fantasy fan shows their true lack of skill when they say they prefer the menu-driven fighting over Zelda's real-time fighting, the true and inverse opposite applies in this case. If you prefered mindless shoot'em'ups to the thinking-puzzle solving of Metroid, it's because you were a mindless button mashing moron.

That brings us to Gears of War. It's controls are somewhat counter-intuitive, the UI lacks polish (what the FUCK is with the microscopic text subtitles any-fucking-way?), the story is cliche, and the enemies are stupid, scripted, repetitive, and generic.

But that doesn't make it a bad game all on it's own. After all, if we can forgive Metroid Prime for trying something different with controls, obviously it would be hypocritical to not do the same for Gears of War.

So I'm forgiving their "Let's try to make the player feel like a stiff beefcake who walks like he's got lead boots on and a 2x4 up his ass" approach. I'm also overlooking the retarded use of the A button to duck/roll/lean up against/take cover instead of just giving us a traditional duck button and letting us, you know, kind of, well, uh -- HIDE BEHIND SHIT if we want to cover. Let the player deal with staying out of sight, rather than making it some moronic requirement that you actually define yourself as out of view, rather than just kind of not being in view. As much as I hate that idiotic concept, you do get used to it and adopt it as a play mechanic of the game, and after a while you start to see it as a crutch probably given to people who had a hard time keeping a duck button pressed (losers).

Overlooking what I've seen so far, I have to at least rank the game as playable. I'll have to wait until I've beaten it entirely to decide if it really isn't just another Epic piece of shit, but so far I consider it at least worthy of checking out if you have a Xbox 360. I can't say I'm not somewhat disappointed given all the hype this game has been given, but at least it's half way attempts to cater to real gamers instead of cashing in on the gung-ho-"I wish I were a Soldier" mentality that most squad-combat FPS games try to spew. Let's face it, most people who play those games do so not because they like games, but because they hate themselves and wish they were somehow viewed as some kind of hero. Get over it losers, mashing buttons doesn't make you a great warrior. Playing those games doesn't even make you a great gamer. It makes you a joke. A bad one.

Lastly I want to talk about the PS3. I've played it. I'm unsure what to think. I think the people insulting the SucksAsses controller have been overstating how bad the trigger buttons are. They're not terrible, though they do take some getting used to if you were are very used to the Dual-Shock. In fact, you almost have to learn to hold the controller a little different. In a way, I'd say they took a hint from the Dreamcast, Wavebird and Xbox S-Controller. Real Triggers, For the Win.

I'm not saying I like the SucksAsses, but I'm certainly not saying I hate it, either. It seems adequate so far. Maybe I'll grow more annoyed with it if I play with it at length, but so far, it's not as bad as I've been hearing.

Next, though, is the one thing that's far worse than I've heard. Lockups. Lockups lockups lockups. Why is it that I cannot seem to find a single store Kiosk that isn't locked up? It seems that every single PS3 in the etnire world on display in some retail outlet is locked up, or at least, they all are in my Universe.

The Wal-Mart closest to me had two of them on display, and they are both always locked up. Once I went in there and saw one that wasn't locked up, and it locked up right after I put the controller down. (I didn't do it, I swear.)

For those who haven't seen the PS3, and the game Motor Storm, let me describe Motor Storm to you.

Motor Storm is this offroad type game with tons of vehicles and somethat that somewhat resembles a realistic physics engine. The graphics are very nice and realistic, and the sense of speed is pretty convincing.

The point of the game seems to be basically to take a vehicle, go really, really, really fast, and have spectacular crashes that send pieces of your vehicle flying all over the place. As a second, somewhat afterthought to this, there seems to be some kind of race going on around you, though you'd hardly notice since you'll be busy blowing your vehicle up with amazing crashes that are played for you in a dramatic slow-motion sort of way. Then the game locks up.

I think my biggest complaint about this game (other than the fact they don't seem to give you anything for really amazing crashes) is the fact that once it locks up you'll be able to see how jagged the edges are.

For $600, a game system better not only have perfect anti-aliasing, it better anti-alias all of the graphics on all of my other game systems as well. No such luck, though.

Fortunately I won't be spending $600 on a PS3, by the time Sony actually gets around to making enough to stock store shelves with the price will have had to come down. No sane person is going to spend $600 on that thing and it should be down to Xbox prices within a year or two (about the time it will take for a really great title to show up on it.)

Until then, I hope my PS2 keeps working.

That's it for now... maybe if I'm lucky I'll get some cool games for Christmas and I can rant again in a few weeks.

- Jace of Fuse!

December 1st, 2006Top
Seagate CEO: (4:21pm)
It's rare that you find honesty in the corporate world, and when it comes to suits, particularly those high up, there is a proportionatly inverse correlation between truth of statement and management level. The higher up, the more full of shit.

However, in spite of my bad luck with Seagate hard drives in the past, today I found a new appreciation for Bill Watkins. In an interview by Fortune, Bill made the very obvious and blunt statement that bigger hard drives ultimately are used for storing porn.

My next hard drive will be a Seagate.

- Jace of Fuse!

November 29th, 2006Top
UbiSoft, IBeHard (9:34pm)
Ubisoft, the publishers who gave us neomodern classics such as Splinter Cell Anemia: Double Dildo Anal Bleeding, Rainbow Sex: Tom "I'm So Fucking Gay" Clancy's Night in Vegas, Gayman: The Fisting, and Princess of Persia: Drag Queen in Waiting gave a press release claiming they plan on being the 2nd largest game publisher behind Electronic Arts by 2011.

Currently EA, the same geniuses that brought us Madden 200x, Death by NBA!, Need for Speed Overrated, The Sims: Your New Digital Pet Overlords, and the ever-popular BattleField 2006: Momma's Basement Commandos, is the number 1 games publisher in the US.

Nevermind that even though Konami and Nintendo both are Japanese companies, their American branches provide a potentially unsurmountable challenge for Ubisoft.

All I have to say to Ubisoft is, "Um, Good luck with that, guys."

In other news, Infogrames, the current owner of bastard step child gaming publisher Atari, is still losing money.  They just aren't losing nearly as much.  They also aren't selling anything, either.  I guess you have to publish games to sell them, huh?

- Jace of Fuse!

November 23rd, 2006Top
Impressions: Red Steel, Zelda, Wii Sports (12:23am)
First off let me say I love the Wii. I absolutely love the concept and I really adore the Mii channel which allows you to create mini avatars called "Mii".

Wii Sports

There will be a plethera of games that support the Mii. Wii Sports is the first of these titles, and though it is a simple game, it is fun. Wii Sports, as most of you already know, has Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling, and Boxing.

Tennis is pretty straight forward. Swing from the left or right at the appropriate moment to volly the tennis ball back at your opponent. Pretty simple stuff and a great demonstration of how much or how little you can put into the Wii Remote in order to get the desired effects.

Bowling, one of my personal favorites, consists of choosing where you're going to throw from and what angle you're going to aim for. From that piont on you throw the ball as you would a real bowling ball. Nice touches include fairly accurate physics of the pins, to Mii in the other lanes bowling. Your favorite Mii stand behind you and watch as you bowl.

Golf is next. If you like Golf, this is 9 simple holes that will introduce you to the concept of Golfing with the Wii remote. There is no doubt about it, the Wii is giong to totally own for titles like Tiger Woods. This Golf game plays great with the Wii Remote, but if you don't like Golf (which I don't) or if you're a verteran golfer (which many people I know are) then you're going to want a more in depth game. This is a great tech demo, but it'll just make you hungry for some Tiger Woods action.

Boxing is cute fun. You basically use the Remote and the Nunchuka as boxing gloves and pummel your enemy. It's not as easy as it sounds, since you are going to have to time your jabs and swings right. Part of the nature of this game is knowing WHEN to throw the punches, not just how hard you can shake the controllers around. Good fun, but this is one that might actually get your heart pumping if you let it.

Baseball, finally, involve swinging the Remote like a bat. Simple fun, but the game pretty much amounts to seeing how far you can hit the ball.

Red Steel

I was sorely disappointed by this game. The graphics sport some nice touches, but the engine is typical generic 3D person shooter stuff. Think any FPS published by EA, UbiSoft, Infogrames, or just about any other crap 3D Run-N-Gun game and you'll pretty much know what I mean. Fucked up, unrealistic FoV settings, square edges. Low poly. Plastic looking textures. Piss poor acting. Overuse of shiney effects to make things look realistic. Overall lack of design skills.

Red Steel reeks of everything that's wrong with first person shooters. It's your typical case of thinking that by throwing enough horse-power at a shit engine the higher frame rate and increased texture resolution will make up for the fact that your programmers suck, your level designers smoke crack, and your whole production team consists of people who were raised on Playstations.

It's only saving grace, the only reason it will sell, is that it supports the Wii Remote. Let me go on by saying I wish it didn't. This game is so bad that the fun injected by the Wii Remote is going to give the entire system a bad name. Gimicks involve tricks like opening doors and picking up objects with a down-throwing motion of the Nunchuka. Clever stuff once, but not enough to build a game on.

The story is every level of played out, and I don't want to bother you with details but I will say that Tommy and company from Prey on the 360 entertained me a whole lot more than this Scott chode. The voice acting is terrible, the plot is ridiculous, and the mechanics borrow nearly everything from other FPS games.

As if all of that wasn't enough, you can top it all with sloppy input code. It's as if any amount of system load is too much for the code to keep in touch with the input signal. The cursor hops around unreliably, and the controls scheme keeps you from ever really getting INTO the game. One would say "See, that proves it, the Wii is a gimick, and games can't really play well like that." That might would be easy to believe... except...


Wow. This is to the series what Ocarina of Time was. It's a retelling of the tale, as grand as can be. It's big. It's complex. It's fun. It's polished. It's Zelda.

If you were one of those people who didn't like The Wind Waker because it was Cell Shaded (you're an idiot and an ass-hat) then you're retarded excuses to not like Zelda are gone.

For the first time in a very long time Nintendo's first party teams show off that their in house developers can knock out graphics that both retain their surreal and colorful dreamworld look and still hit us with as much graphical oomph as we can take.

Control wise, it's still Zelda. We walk, roll, autojump, back-flip, break shit in other people's homes needlessly while looking to collect rupies and hearts all the while listening to the old tunes that have been present in Zelda games since A Link To The Past and Ocarina of Time.

The game is new, but feels so familiar. You won't feel you've done this before, even though you'll know exactly what to do. In fact nothing has really changed in the controls except for the Wiimote, which sounds like a contradiction but it isn't.

The control scheme is exactly as one would expect from a Zelda game, right down to the Z-Targeting. When needing to aim you move the circle with the Wii Remote and shoot, and when swinging your sword you make a short slashing movement. Shaking side to side works fine, and it can be subtle, but as long as it's an obvious attempt it will be picked up.

For the most part you'll quickly become accustomed to the controls and almost forget you're using them until you really need some aiming precision. At that point you'll let out another audible comment about how nice it is to actually be able to aim instead of using a damned thumb-stick.

The pointer is normally a little fairy, similar to Navi, and that's good because it keeps it in theme without being too distracting and also happens to look cool while being functional. Pointing with the Remote is flawless. It doesn't chop or skip (as Red Steel does), it doesn't seem to have accuracy issues. It doesn't visibly lag behind. In fact, rather than sucking on the whole (as Red Steel does), it kicks every kind of ass.

As for Zelda? Well, it's Zelda. If you love Zelda you're going to love this. If you hate Zelda, prepare to hate no longer, unless of course you're an idiot and an ass-hat that grew up with Playstations.

The System

I've already mentioned the Mii Channel, which is an application that ships on the Wii. The shopping, weather, and news channels are present but only the shopping channel is currently online.

That leaves the Message Board, and Wii options. The Message board includes your friends list, memo pad, and calandar. The Friends list is based on a 16 digit friend code that looks similar to a credit card number. 4 sets of 4 numbers which are unique to each Wii console. The important thing to remember is that in order for two people to communicate at all they must both have each other's friend code registered. This is something of a kiddie-protection feature but it's kind of annoying at the same time. I see nothing wrong with having an opened setting allowing others to make requests. But this is a matter of personal preference, I expect, and mine may be different from other's since I don't have children.

The calandar is a simple application that marks when you did what (as far as playing games, time spent playing, and other such features.) I could see some people getting bothered by this feature, but I consider that mostly pointless. While you should be able to turn it off, who really cares how long you played Zelda on the 19th?

Virtual Console

Purchasing Virtual Console games is a snap, provided you have either a prepaid card or a credit card. Simply purchase or activate points and download the games from their store. I purchased Mario 64 (N64), Sonic The Hedgehog (Genesis/Megadrive), The Legend of Zelda (NES), Bonk's Adventure (Turbo GrafX 16), and Soloman's Key (NES). They look and play exactly as I expected.

I would really like to see Arcade games added as well as Neo Geo and other classic systems (Commodore, Amiga, Atari, PC...) It is easily within the realm of possibilities, and Uridium, Cannon Fodder, Bard's Tale, and Populous deserve ressurection. (Original classic Settlers, for the win!)

Gamecube Support

It's a Gamecube with more beef and brains. Extra ram and overclocked GC processors plus a huge dosage of internal flash memory make for the Gamecube from hell. Many of questioned this strategy, but it's paying off.

Almost every developer has praised this, and it doesn't matter what gamers want when you're in the Platform Develiery business. It matters what developers want. Developers want a cheap, familiar, easy to develop for platform that allows development freedom. Publishers want high margins and low initial costs. The Wii gives them that, and they have responded by jumping whatever exclusive ships they were on.

Atari, EA, Ubisoft, Capcom, Konami, Sega, Tecmo (TEAM NINJA!!!), Square/Enix, Activision, and many others. 24 in all.

That having been said, the Gamecube isn't dead. Developers are taking advantage of the fact that the Wii is a Gamecube and making GC games as well as Wii games in tandum. The idea is that by supporting the Cube a bit longer they both broaded the Wii's library and squeeze a bit more life out of their current development investments.

As for the Wii's backward compatibility, it's supposedly flawless, considering Hollywood and Broadway (the CPU and GPU within the Wii/Revolution) are just faster, smaller, cooler, lower voltage versions of Gecko and Flipper found in the Gamecube/Dolphin.

In spite of what you have all heard, the Wavebird controllers work flawlessly with the Wii. Having tried them I promise you the "you can't use a Wavebird" BS was not from company insiders as was claimed for a long time. It works on every Gamecube game I've tried, and it works on all of the Virtual Console games I've tried, even Mario 64*[1].

Zelda for Wii and Zelda for Cube are apparently the exact same game, with the except of controller support. Now in my mind this makes little or no sense. To me it seems like it would have made more sense for Nintendo to release a single Disc for both systems, but I suppose they hope there are lots of people such as myself who will buy both versions to compare and contrast. Though after having heard the versions are identical except for the input scheme, I'm starting to wonder if there is much point. It's also worth nothing that the GCN version does not support 16:9, which is a shame since the GCN actually DOES support 16:9.

Finally there is the issue of other paripherals. The Wii has two trap doors on top(or side depending on how you have it standing). Under door one are hidden 4 Gamecube ports. This is a very interesting situation since the Wii considers ports 1-4 of the GC a seperate input unit from Channels 1-4 of the Wii. Games such as Bomberman for the TG16 actually support up to 5 players, and all 5 can play via way of any combination of Gamecube controllers, Wiimotes, and Classics. Exciting stuff. This leads one to believe it's possible for Wii games of up to 8 players, if 4 of them have Wavebirds handy.

The other door contains the memory card slots. They aren't just there for backward compatibility, they are REQUIRED for Gamecube games. The inability to save Gamecube games on the system's 512 megs of internal Flash isn't an oversite, it's an aftifact of absolute backward compatibility with the GCN. What I don't understand, though, is why it seems that you cannot copy GCN games off of the memory cards and onto the system or SD Card. In a future system update, perhaps?

Room for improvement

Promised support for external HDs doesn't seem to work, yet.

Each Virtual Console game takes up a slot on the Channel screen. I think the system should take up it's own slot, with each game on it's own system page.

Games downloaded off of WiiConnect can be deleted and redownloaded at no additional charge.

Is this supposed to make it okay that I cannot (at the moment) copy games out of main system Flash memory and onto a memory card?

I call that bullshit.

There is no DVD playback, but that would be easily fixed with a DVD player channel. It probably won't be, but the reason is purely political.

There is no media support at all. No MP3, no DivX, no anything. Purely political and marketing crap. Nintendo doesn't want their system mistaken for a media center. Well tough shit, Big N. Your system is a PowerPC. It's a freakin' Mac Mini without Mac OS X. Give us a media player already!

The Classic controller is wired. How much do you want to bet there will be a Wireless version that either communicates directly with the Wii or with a plug that sits neatly at the bottom of the Wiimote.

How about some adapters to plug NES, SNES, TG16, GENESIS, and N64 controllers into our Wiimotes, huh Nintendo? There's nothing like playing Super Mario World with a SNES controller.

Leaderboards. C'mon guys! That would be so easy to impliment in future games. You will be seriously doing us wrong if you do not give us a world-wide highscore list.


I love the Wii, but it's new and has a long way to go. With almost 1 million sold in the first week, it's easy to see Nintendo is off to a good start. Keep the ball rolling guys. Mario Galaxy, Animal Crossing Wii, Metroid Prime Corruptions, and Smash Brothers Brawl, there's so much left to do yet... Don't screw it up.

*[1] Oddly enough when I first started up Mario 64, it told me I needed to connect the Nunchuka to my Wiimote. Now, I knew this couldn't be the case, becuase it wouldn't make sense to require a Nunchuka when I had a Wavebird. I pressed START on my Wavebird, and the warning screen it had been giving me promptly made way for the all so familiar "It'sa ME! Mario!" title screen. Ah yes... Mario 64 with a Wavebird, FTW.

- Jace of Fuse!

November 21st, 2006Top
Friend Code... (12:10am)
Well, I have my Wii, I've made my Mii and I'm about to get into Zelda.

In the mean time, those who read this site who have also purchased their Wiis should feel free to e-mail me with their friend code.

My code is - 2790 5579 7471 2146.

While I'm at it, my Xbox Live gamer tag is "Jace of Fuse".

- Jace of Fuse!

November 4th, 2006Top
Monthly Roundup... (11:28am)
November 17th sees the release of the Playstation 3 and November 19th sees the release of the Wii. Now it's no doubt that the Wii will outsell the PS3 this Christmas, and it has nothing to do with technical power or market share, marketing or software lineup. No, it has entirely everything to do with Nintendo's ability to produce much more than either Sony or Microsoft. That is one advantage with being in the video game industry for over 25 years. You kind of get a knack for launching new systems.

And while the Wii is getting Glowing Reviews and becoming even more of a huge Media Darling, Microsoft and Sony keep proving that they are indeed their worst enemies.

The Sony is getting mediocre reviews with most people saying that even though the PS3 is technically a uber-spuer-power-house it hasn't really knocked their socks of by showing anything they don't think the Xbox 360 could do.

The Xbox is selling to a lukewarm audience with a rather unimpressive lineup after one year on the market. The few games that are well received by reviewers are also either coming to the PS3 or are PS3 launch titles, or they are niche audience performers (sports titles, sqaud combat, racing... games you generally can't build a system library on).

XBox backward compatibility has added many new titles and some of the best are working as of the past couple of updates. Since Pirates! has been working, I'm pretty happy about that. This newest update bricked thousands of 360's though, so there are probably a lot of people who, unlike me, are less than anything close to not being utterly pissed off.

The DS continues to be the strongest seller of any system. Outselling even the PS2, the DS has been moving lots of DS Lites along with Big Brain Academy, Brain Age, and Mario Kart. The DS is moving at an insane pace, and at an average of almost 350,000 more units per month than the PSP that could be one of the largest landslides ever. (By comparison, the PS2 is outselling the Xbox 360 by an average of only roughly 40,000 units [per month?].)

Sony and Nintendo have both shown their online services with mixed feelings from all audiences on both counts. The WiiConnect showing seems to have all of the features that one would expect, and a standard console-code unique to each Wii acting as a login ID. How far we can personalize our online identities has yet to be seen.

Sony on the other hand has botched up the launch of their online service by not actually supporting their universeal system wide friends-list in the launch titles, which will each require their own friends-list and online play related functions.

That it's even possible to do things "the old way" at all on the PS3 is reason for concern. To really be taken seriously Sony is going to have to make the user experience as seemless as possible and having such different ways to log-on and play can kill a system's online features.

The lack of a central online friends roster service is believed to be what kept the Dreamcast, PS2, and Gamecube's online gameplay from ever taking off. It would also be killing the DS if people were playing more than just a few games online, but Mario Kart and Animal Crossing seem to own the world.

People inside Microsoft are saying Gears of War will shock the world the way that Halo did. People who have played it say it's okay but certainly not knocking anyone's underwear off. Who are you going to believe?

Meanwhile Nintendo isn't saying much about The Legends of Zelda, but those who have played it can't say anything but great things about it. Initial concerns that the controls would be too strange or ineffective have been replaced with oohs and aahs. My question is will things remain this way after the novelty wears off?

Electronic Arts is fucking gamefans once again. First the whole Spyware issue, now they're selling games with content locked on the DVD that must be unlocked by buying the content off of Xbox Live. This isn't downloaded content, this is content that exists on the disc for which you've already paid $60. To purchase all of the locked content will cost you $50. That brings the price of these games to over $110. Excuse me while I ask "What the fuck?" If I'm paying $110 for a game it better be on a ROM cartridge with battery backed memory, include a free maid service (complete with french maid outfit), and access to an opened bar. Alternatively, it can be really good, but we already know that everything that comes out of Electronic Arts these days is automatically bargain bin material.

And while EA is busy anal raping their Need for Speed (and Greed) franchise Atari is selling off on one of their developers, specifically the ones who have recently been handling the Test Drive series. This is happening right after Atari sold off Shiney Entertainment (Once known as Shiney/Playschool Interactive Entertainment). It's not as if the Atari brand of today is in any way related to the original Atari company, but still it's not exactly nice watching the brand slip away into oblivion.

The suits over at Electronic Arts of today, however, are still the same gangraping whores they've ever been, now with more violent assrape. The names might change but the game's the same. Rape the gamers (and developers) for fun and profit. Too bad their games aren't as much fun as EA seems to be having breaking broomsticks off in the collective asses of gamers worldwide.

THQ is doing rather nicely, though. Not only are they regularly releasing average to slightly above average titles fairly frequently, but they're even managing to increase their sales. I wonder if there is a correlation between not releasing complete trash and subsequently actually turning a profit?

With so much going on in the gaming industry right now I can spend hours ever day reading. Too bad this normally cuts into my gaming time. Fortunately I'm not working this weekend so I will be sinking into a game of Pirates! soon. Side Meier makes me do it.

- Jace of Fuse!

October 16th, 2006Top
What all sports should be like... (1:29pm)
All sports should be like this...

- Jace of Fuse!

September 1st, 2006Top
This scares me... (9:48pm)
This bothers me.

Now, many of you won't understand what's so  scary about this.   And I'm not sure I can explain it to non-game players.

All I can say is that there is something kind of creepy about a 40 year old man who thinks he's a fairy getting his own video game.  I was content to make fun of him when he was a comedy relief character in one of the most popular game series in history.

Something tells me that this game is going to have some serious gay undertones. 

*sigh*  If Shigeru Miyamoto designed it, though -- yes, I'll be buying it.  He is, after all, God.

- Jace of Fuse!

July 1st, 2006Top
Tagor.Com (6:17am)
Some things just refuse to die. Tagor.Com is one of those things. It's not that we actually care about the site enough that we put effort into keeping it alive or anything, it's just that it really doesn't take any effort on our part to let it continue to exist and taking it down would actually require some action on our part.

So does this mean we're lazy? No. Well, yes, probably. But for the most part that isn't the point. The point is we have more important things to do than deal with Tagor. Or rather, we have in the past.

Lately however we have a renewed interest in doing things with Tagor and have actually some very awesome ideas. The problem is that the ideas have never been done before and to make them happen will require we actually pay attention to the site. That's right, to impliment some killer changes would require our attention.

The problem is that Noxious? is a full time IT worker and father, and I'm a full time scatterbrain.

Noxious?, the very talented GFX Artist for this site has improved vastly since Tagor.Com was originally created. He's expanded his skill sets and has moved onto more professional projects and when he looks at Tagor, he sees potential for so many more advanced things both visually and practically, not to mention professionally.

I myself, the primary coder/developer of the back-end to this site now look at the work I did in the past and realize it's shit. I have excellent ideas that I could impliment if I only had the time. With my ideas, and Nox's visual presentation skills this site could once again amuse and annoy the masses as it once did.

The problem of course is time. We both work full time and have obligations outside of Tagor.Com. Just the same, we've created a timeline for implimenting some of these ideas, if not all of them.

Tagor.Com was created in 1998 as a simple protest to the at the time increasing popularity of video games supporting only a single video card for 3D video game support. We were big proponents of OpenGL and Direct3D (even though both had yet to actually catch on) and of course the consumers right to choose from different video cards.

Things haven't exactly changed all that much, really, the players in the game have just changed. Our focus has somewhat shifted to a bigger problem, too. That problem is this: Video Games today really suck. Our response? We no longer focus exclusively on just the games and how bad they suck, but all of the "WTF?" factor the industry has going on.

Our upcoming gaming news service will have a new purpose, but we will always remain close to our roots and will leave plenty of room for bizarre news when it relates in some way to the video game industry.

For now the deadline for Tagor.Com v3.0 is December 23rd, 2006.

Where YOU come in: Well, you don't. Not unless you happen to have ridiculous loads of money and are a venture capitalist and want to get involved in what could potentially be the biggest thing to happen to video games since big things started happening.

- Jace of Fuse!

June 29th, 2006Top
PS Doom (8:28am)
By PS Doom I mean Process State, of course.

PS Doom is a ridiculously cool administrative tool that allows users to monitor a system's processes as if they were monsters, and shoot them if you need to be killed.


- Jace of Fuse!

May 26th, 2006Top
Another Point of Failure... (1:34pm)
Ever have that Deleted Feeling?

Everybody is sick of hearing how much better Mac OS X is than Windows, right?

Well, I am not exactly sick of hearing it. I'm sick of Windows. Now, I know Windows inside out like the next geek. More than 10 years without a virus infection, and I don't get spyware. Simple common sense web-surfing habits plus good protection software keeps me online.


Today something different happened. My Ice Cube (by FIC) is not exactly the most well cooled machine. Airflow is limited and space is tight. Needless to say a warm day such as today was a bit more than the ultra-cool looking little case could take while still managing to look sleek and sexy.

Today was that day. That one day in history every uber geek fears. It was the day of unexpected hardware failure. Yes, the Ice Cube had a melt-down, and this time it took Windows out with it. When it overheated and shut itself down, the registry became corrupted and not only will it not boot but the Windows recovery console won't even get past it's futile attempt at reading the now disfunctional registry. This sort of failure would be less of a problem if Windows didn't suck the way it does, since every other real operating system on the planet doesn't actually HAVE a system wide registry. The only easy way to get this system up and going is to entirely wipe drive C and start Windows fresh. (Everyone mark your calandars, this is a first for me!)

Since I'm real big on making sure my important files are backed up and my drives are properly partitioned the fear of lost critical data is minimized. Only morons store critical data on a Windows partition, and the really careful keep it on seperate drives altogether.

However, since the Ice Cube, aka Chynna, was my main system I am now forced to use my previous main system (aka Arista). Barbarella, my web-server and Arista have been going strong for over 6 years now without any problems ever. The Ice Cube is only just over a year old and, as one of my co-workers likes to say, "What!? Uh oh, that's fatal."

This particular crash is keeping me from reinstalling Windows at the moment. Getting this system back online will take quite a bit of work unless I'm keen on losing data (which I am not).

As a result, I don't know how long it will be offline, and thus I don't know how much I will be online. I know I won't be coming back to Arista for my main computing habits, though I may return here from time to time to check e-mail.

You can expect my messengers to stay offline, though. Trillian is dog-ass slow on this machine and I simply cannot tolerate that.

Everyone will tell you that I have a knack for keeping a Windows install running till the system it runs on dies physically. I don't do reinstalls. Upgrades, yes, but I just don't do reinstalls. I always said if I have to do a reinstall because some flaw in Windows made the system totally irrecoverable beyond even my skill, then it was time to move to a real operating system.

I'd buy a Mac right now but Apple hasn't formally announced the Mac Pro desktop system yet. So I guess I'll have to do what up untill now I've always managed to avoid ever having to do. A Windows reinstall... on a wiped hard drive.

Just the same, let me pass on one important message. Something I've known forever and something that will fortunately keep this incident from costing me too much in the way of lost data or time. KEEP YOUR SHIT BACKED UP!

- Jace of Fuse!

May 17th, 2006Top
E3 Gets Anal About Dress Code (10:13am)
For reasons I've not really looked into, but I assume it has something to do with the easily offended anonymous masses, E3 decided that the Booth Babes were not wearing enough clothing. (I know, this statement boggles my mind as well.) Well this year they decided to enforce this by throwing out Wonder Woman. Obviously, they were jealous because she made a better Wonder Woman they did.

- Noxious?

May 16th, 2006Top
Now THAT'S what I'm talking about... (4:12pm)
I've recently been called sick and twisted, but compared to this game my thoughts are as pure as a Nintendo first party title.

There's absolutely nothing I can say about this that isn't covered by the article itself.


- Jace of Fuse!

May 14th, 2006Top
Best Nintendo Commercial Ever! (3:29pm)
Nintendo is doing some strange things in their marketing schemes lately. I mean the change from Revolution to Wii was unexpected and bizarre, but when I see this commercial I can't help but wonder what exactly Nintendo is thinking.

It's the sort of uncharacteristic thing from a company that you just have to sratch your head over. It wouldn't exactly be shock value coming from anyone else, but coming from Nintendo, a company that likes to make it perfectly clear that they are family friendly, it seems a bit over the top. But then again, it really doesn't since it's really not all that bad. It's just not what I'd expect from the big N. Then again, maybe they're trying to change what people expect from them.

- Jace of Fuse!

April 7th, 2006Top
Gaming Laptop (3:06pm)
I managed to stop blowing all my cash on hookers and blow just long enough to buy an Inspiron E1705 with the Truelife display and ATI video. Even though I now have enough hardware to play some modern games, I'm still trying to get Total Annihilation to run in 1920x1200. Old habits die hard, after all.

I should download some demos of these newfangled games all the whippersnappers out there are raving about, but that would mean reallocating some of my porn bandwidth and I'm not sure I'm ready for such a big step.

- Hot Rod

April 5th, 2006Top
Lasik at home... (8:16pm)
This site is offering to sell Lasik home surgery kits so people who wear glasses can finally put away their trademark visual aids and replace them with a trendy eye-patch.

The four-easy-steps page is esspecially informative. I highly recommend those who wear glasses (and even those who don't) visit this site to see what this revoluationary new technology might have to offer them.

If you're considering buying one of these, I might personally recommend a classic egg beater. They are somewhat cheaper, the technology is tried and true, and you can wipe out both of your eyes at once.

- Jace of Fuse!

Apples with Worms... (6:32pm)
Apple has released a program that allows Mac users to dual boot between OS X and Windows. This clever little program mimicks more officially the efforts of the notoriously clever guys who have been doing this for several weeks now.

If you happen to be a Mac user and you read Tagor (unlikely), then you will probably want to go here to check the software out. Sooner or later I'll probably buy a Mac since I am undeniably suffering from a serious Halo Effect caused by owning an iPod.

Nice to know I'll actually be able to play games at that point.

- Jace of Fuse!

January 30th, 2006Top
Multiplayer Disillusion (9:09am)
I need a new game. I've been playing the life draining force known as World of Warcraft now for over a year and I'm just not finding it rewarding anymore. Seems anything good coming out of the game involves learning to play with 40 others, and me being the guy who loves a good death match and subscribes to Doesn't Play Well With Others Magazine (It's a bi-monthly publication for the anti-social) it's not quite my Long Island iced tea. Some might say that would be the smaller battlegrounds, but I don't have time to climb that ladder either, without seriously alienating my family. Well, any worse than usual. I'm beginning to think that this whole Massively Multiplayer stuff isn't for me, could be that I don't like these massive players, multi or otherwise.

- Noxious?

January 1st, 2006Top
Another year... (6:52am)
Isn't it wonderful when 3 years worth of news fits on just the one page, without once having moved things to the archives in all that time?

Yes, people. Tagor has almost reached official cobweb-site status.

Anyone wishing access to post regular news stories feel free to e-mail us. We'll probably ignore you but it can't hurt to ask.

- Jace of Fuse!

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